Oct 18, 2012

soapUI Tutorial to test Web Services

This tutorial will show you how to test web services using soapUI. SoapUI provides a robust set of capabilities to test web services not only during development, but also to test the validity of deployments. It supports multiple protocols such as SOAP, REST, HTTP, JMS, etc.

 Step 1: Download and install soapUI from

Step 2: Make sure that the simpleWeb.war file is deployed to the Apache Tomcat Server and is running as covered in the JAX-WS tutorial. The URL for the WSDL file is --> http://localhost:8080/simpleWeb/userservices?wsdl

Step 3: Double click on the soapUI application to open it and then select File --> New soap UI Project. Fill in the details as shown below and click "OK"

If the web service is not up, you will get an error message.

Step 4:  When you press the "OK" button, you should see the following folder structure on the LHS pane.

You can create additional requests by right clicking on "greetUser" and then selecting "New request".

Step 5: Double click on Request1 and on the RHS pane, you can see the divided window. One for the request and the other one is for the response.

When you click on the "green" arrow that is highlighted above, you will get the response back as shown below.

So, soapUI is a handy tool for testing  SOAP or RESTful based web services.  You can create different requests with different data. It can be used for functional and load testing. It is an easy to use Web service client that does not require any programming knowledge.

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Blogger Samantha Jones said...

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