May 17, 2012

Apply the philosophy of give before you take for career success in software engineering

"Give what others need before you take what you need"

Many of you would have heard this philosophy before, but how many of you had consciously applied this? Whenever you get frustrated with questions like why am I not getting enough job interview calls?, why am I not getting any job offers?, why am I not getting promoted?, why is my blog not getting enough traction?, etc apply the above philosophy. To give you more examples,

At your job give your employers what they need in terms of getting things done, adding value to the business, providing solutions to business and technical problems, becoming a go to person, taking on more responsibilities, and staying visible as a great contributor before you take what you need in terms of promotions and salary increase.

In your  resume or CV give your prospective recruiters a quick snapshot of what they need --
  •     Quantified accomplishments
  •     Experience and capabilities in sought-after technologies, frameworks, and tools
  •     Well roundness to get the job done with good technical skills, soft skills and right attitude
before you be in a position to take multiple job interviews. Have customized resumes tailored to needs of individual employer.

When attending job interviews give your interviewers what they are looking for
  •    The basics (things you must know)
  •    Ability to get the job done
  •    Passion for the chosen field and real interest in the job and the organization
  •    Fit in well with the team
through good prior preparation before you take the enviable position to be able to choose from multiple job offers. Ask yourself a few questions like
  •   What can I give to the prospective employers that many others can't?
  •   What skills, experience, and capabilities can I marry up with their requirements?

When blogging, give your blog readers what they need in terms of
  •    steps required to getting a task done or solving a problem
  •    potential pitfalls to avoid
  •    information to improving the technical knowledge or awareness
  •    inspiration to progress in their careers
before you take what you need -- recognition, networking, and monetary benefits. If providing content that is readily available elsewhere, combine it with some creative ideas, so that it will be easy for your readers to grasp. Before you start blogging ask yourself the following questions
  •    What can you offer others that no one else can?
  •    Are you willing to invest time and commitment?

If you are building  an application for individuals (e.g. mobile apps, games, etc) or business users give what really your target audience need in terms of

  •    What problems does it solve?
  •    What benefits does it provide?
  •    Are there any similar applications and what am I competing against?
before you take what you need in terms of revenue, promotion, and recognition.

Very often people give what they need without the right skill or know how to put themselves in others' shoes. So, apply this philosophy in your future endeavors as you see fit, and avoid frustrations and open more doors for your success.



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