Apr 26, 2012

Java and J2EE Career companion and essentials books

How To Open More Doors As a Software Engineer?

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Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion? IT Book Zone Review | JavaRanch Forum

  • 400+ popular and frequently asked Java interview questions answered clearly and concisely with lots of diagrams, examples, code snippets, comparisons and cross referencing.
  • A questions and answers approach to learning and refreshing the core Java/JEE concepts.
  • Covers 14 key areas: like Design Concepts, Design Patterns, Best Practices, Java language & JEE specification Fundamentals, Exception Handling, Performance Issues, Transaction Issues, Memory Issues, Concurrency issues, Scalability, Security, Software Development Process and Coding Tips.
  • Covers a wide range of Java/JEE related topics like Java, JEE, OOAD, Servlet, JSP, EJB, JNDI, LDAP, JDBC, JMS, JTA, XML, SQL, UML, Spring, Hibernate, Web Service, Agile Methodology, AoP, IoC, TDD, Swing, Applet, Struts, GoF design patterns, JEE design patterns, Ant, Junit, CVS etc.
  • Very handy quick reference guide and a road map where it gives a bird's eye view of the core concepts relating to Java/JEE and its related technologies. Why wait for years to learn the core concepts relating to Java/JEE, when you can pro-actively learn and apply them in months?
Over 30, 000 copies sold.

Java interview questions and answers

Java Interview Questions and Answers Preview

4.5 out of 5 stars user rating at
4 out of 5 stars user rating at
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"After landing a job I have kept on reading the book and recommend it to all my friends..." -- JavaRanch Forum "I have read several technical books over the last few years, but this one was entirely different...." - By Meera Subbarao IT Book Zone Team Leader
I can safely say you'd have to buy probably at least 15 individual books and supplement... -- By Mr. Jeremy
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"I was in the course of reading the book and now that I have finished it thoroughly , i'm 100% sure i will crack the next interview" -- Blog comment
hi all,

this is the best book one can buy, that gives overall summary of most j2ee, java technologies in a concise manner. it is very helpful for interviews and can be used as a reference .

i used this to get 6 jobs in 2 weeks. out of which one is an architect job. kudos to the author.

vinodh eth

at Code Ranch Book Reviews

"Very well written! authors have good, clear style" I'm happy to say I know almost all of the content in the book already, but I'm still very happy I bought it. What really jumped out at me is how well written the explanations are. There are so many book out
there that get quite pompous and long-winded with their explanations of polymorphism, for instance. But the authors have summarize what polymorphism does in one short, clear sentence early on in the book. Most of the other explanations are similar, they really "cut through the crap" and provide the most direct answer possible. I recommend this book as a refresher for any Java professional--inevitably, we all get tied up in the peculiar...." -- reviews
"If you have read the The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master, you would enjoy this book too. Is similar about the comfortable pleasure to read this book."  IT Book Zone Review "If a person manages to give answers as given in book, he/she can easily bag a new job..." --
JavaRanch forum

IT Book Zone Review    | Review by Manuel Jordan

"Core Java Career Essentials" are something you must know, and know it well to succeed as a Java professional. Even 40% to 60% of the so called experienced professionals fail to make an impression due to their lack of understanding in one or more of the areas covered in this book. Lack of good understanding in the core essentials can be a speed breaker to your career advancement.

If you have a java interview coming up in a few days or you want to impress your peers and superiors with your technical strengths during code review sessions, team meetings, and stand-ups, and concerned about how to make a good impression? You don't need to worry if you are familiar with the fundamentals. This is a Questions & Answers book with 250+ questions and answers relating to core Java with lots of code snippets (100+), examples, and diagrams. Most Java interviews and technical challenges you face at work are structured around the fundamentals and how well you communicate those fundamentals. So regularly brushing up on these fundamentals really pays off.

Core Java Career Essentials
Core Java Career Essentials Preview | Buy at | Buy at | Buy PDF (only $19.95) at

Specific technologies and frameworks come and go, but we believe the following are some of the key essentials that will not only help you become a good developer, but also will boost your career a few notches by impressing your superiors, peers, and prospective employers.

You might be excused for not knowing the flavor of the month framework, but you will not be excused for not knowing the core essentials.

  • Coding: You might be asked to demonstrate both recursive and iterative approaches to a given problem. You might be asked to critically review a given piece of code. You might be asked to write some sample code. 100+ code snippets highlighting the best practices and the pitfalls.
  • OO design:You will be asked to define basic OO concepts and principles, and come up with classes to model a simple problem.

  • Language fundamentals and best practices: You might be asked what parts of Java you don't like and why? You must know about the common pitfalls, anti-patterns, and how to avoid them.
  • Data structures: Most candidates know about arrays, sets, lists, and maps but fail to mention trees and graphs. You will be quizzed on real life examples of where to use a particular data structure.
  • Bits, bytes, and data types: You must know the logical operations like AND, OR, NOT, and XOR and where to use them in real life examples for things like setting or testing for a specific bit.
  • Right tools to use: Knowing the right tools will make you more productive without reinventing the wheel to get the job done more effectively and on time.

  • Hundreds of ready to use Java/JEE resume phrases. Use of Situation-Action-Result Statements. Results oriented and Key Areas driven. Soft skills and personal attributes are captured.
  • Shows you that a well written resume can invite you to interviews more often than many people more qualified than you.
  • Explains why technical skills alone are no guarantee of success and acquiring tons of certifications alone are not going to bring your next promotion or save you from being laid off.
  • Resume examples for freshers, career changers, intermediate, and experienced with eye catching phrases.
Ineffective resumes can result in prolonged job searches, fewer interviews, and very often, lower salary offers. Do you feel confident and good about your current Java/JEE resume and career progression? If you might no think so now, ask yourself the same question again after you have read this companion and have in your hands your completed, highly effective, customised, and well rounded resume. 

Java resume

A well written Java/JEE resume can invite you to interviews more often than many people more qualified than you.





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