Jul 29, 2014

Why this Java blog? Are you feeling stagnated or finding it hard to get good Java jobs?

I can think of 8 reasons
  1. As a journal of my valuable experience for future reference, which otherwise would be lost as Java/JEE technologies, frameworks, libraries, and tools are very vast.
  2. As a motivator to proactively learn, apply, and experience new concepts, frameworks, and tools without feeling stagnated. Just knowing Java alone is never enough in this fiercely competitive market. You need to have Java + FIX engine + Spring batch, Java + Drools + JasperReports + Angular JS, Java + Hadoop, and so on. The prospective employers are very picky.
  3. As a confidence booster through pre interview, pre group sharing, and pre problem solving refresher. Preparation breeds confidence, and confidence can bring success.
  4. As a job security provider by empowering me to be in a position to find new contracts as a freelancer through interview preparation and online presence. Real job security is to be able to find job in any market with sought-after and marketable skills.
  5. As a passive income generator. Can I bring in some income while I am not actively working? Can I bring in some income while I am in between jobs or contracts?
  6. As a good will to share my experience. You can learn and understand more by helping others. Especially, proactively solving others' technical problems.
  7. As a future door opener to new ventures, collaborations, and opportunities. You never know who is going to stumble across your blog. Your regular readers may become your future employers or customers.
  8. As a passion☺. Prospective employers look for your passion in the job interviews. So, do you have a blog? Do you have a self-taught project in GitHub? Can you proudly explain how you went about fixing performance issues, thread-safety issues, memory issues, etc? Can you pick potential errors during peer code reviews?,  Can you pass the coding job interviews that given to you by some of the top-notch companies that take hiring quality developers very seriously? etc
In short, your online presence can tell a lot about you.

How will you benefit from this Java blog?

If the answer is "Yes" to any one of the following questions, then you will benefit from this Java blog
  • Do you want to stand out from other Java developers who are as qualified as you are or even more qualified than you are by presenting yourself in a better light?
  • Do you feel frustrated that a fellow Java professional who discharges similar duties as you earning 1.5 to 2.0 time as you are?

  • Do you feel nervous at the job interviews or about an impending code review?

  • Do you feel that your job interview performance is not the true reflection of what you are really capable of?

  • Are you feeling stagnated or not having much luck trying to break into trading systems, low latency systems, or financial applications?

  • Do you feel that every other developer is certified, and you want to get an edge by learning a new framework or tool like FIX engines, Apache Camel, Drools, etc or getting a good handle on the 16 key areas?

  • Do you want to impress your peers and superiors at work during code review sessions and solving complex issues to earn a reputation as go to person?

  • Are you entrusted with hiring quality Java candidates and want to prepare a list of well rounded Java interview questions to ask?

If your answered  "Yes" to any of the above questions, then preparation and pro-active learning via this blog will help you. This blog is full of Java interview questions and Answers, Java career tips, Java know hows, How to use Java tools, and Java tutorials. Preparation breeds confidence, and confidence bring Java-Success.

It is no easy to take your career to the next level. It requires the proper "know hows" and perseverance. You will benefit from not only technical know hows, but also non technical know hows including resume writing, job hunting, blogging, interviewing,  and marketing.

Feel free to request for any topics that I have missed out or any interview question, how to do in Java or tutorial not covered here. Always looking for more blog posts to write in addition to 450+ posts.

Also, thanks for your support as this blog post has reached 4 million+ page views with 1200+ followers, and 30,000+ books sold.



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