Jun 7, 2014

What does "Code, draw and market to your Java-Success" mean?

For any programmer success for example Java-Success or  .Net-Success 

  -- Yes, you need to have good soft skills like communication, interpersonal, team work, analytically, problem solving, etc
  -- Yes, you need to be passionate
  -- Yes, you need to have the right attitude
  -- Yes, you need to be a "quick and on-going" learner
  -- Yes, certification can help

But, most importantly,

  -- You must know how to write robust and quality 1. code. This is the bottom-line for a programmer.

Your coding skills will be under scrutiny

  -- through pre-interview written tests
  -- through face to face job interviews
  -- through peer code reviews on the job
  -- through challenges to quickly identifying root causes by reading others' code and fixing critical production issues whilst your superiors are looking over your shoulder or requesting for regular updates.
  -- through helping your peers and superiors and earning a reputation as a go to person.
 -- through your open-source contribution, Github check-ins, and blog posts.

To get further, you need to look at the bigger picture and know how to 2. Draw.

  --  draw a plan as to what you can do as a programmer?.
 -- draw on your experience and others' experience gained proactively through books, blogs, articles, opensource contribution, etc  to impress your interviewers, code reviewers, peers, and superiors.
  -- draw high level diagrams at job interviews.
  -- draw high level diagrams to communicate your thoughts to your peers, superiors, and stake holders at work.
  -- draw attention to your resume with well rounded accomplishments and experience.
  -- draw attention to your depth of knowledge in the 16 key areas in the job interviews.
  --  draw attention to you blog, online portfolio, and profiles for potential collaborative efforts and employment opportunities.

-- draw on your creativity to differentiate yourself from others.

It is not enough being a quiet achiever. You need to be visible.

 -- You need to have a professional online presence via blogging, personal portfolio, LinkedIn profile, etc to 3. market your skills and knowledge.

-- Marketing is key to expanding your horizons by
  • promoting your know-hows in the 16 key areas to solve business problems.
  • promoting your services as a freelancer/employee/consultant.
  • promoting your books as an author.
  • promoting your blogs as a blogger.
  • promoting your software applications, products and services as an entrepreneur. 
  • promoting others' products and services via your online presence.

 Code, draw and market will open more doors
  • to increase your earning potential.
  • to be in a position to choose from multiple job offers.
  • to be in a position to find work in a difficult job market.
  • to passive income generation.
  • to become a freelancer.
  • to go places ... and do what you are passionate about.

This Java blog and books cover lots of key topics and areas with diagrams, examples, and code to take the road less traveled. Talk the talk and walk the walk for your Java-Success. Good luck.



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