Jul 9, 2013

Java career training resources for Java developers

This Java blog is all about Java developer training the questions and answers way. The training materials are focused on

  • Getting your Java job done in your regular job.
  • Preparing for your Java job interview.
  • Preparing your Java job resume.
  • Finding ways to break free from a stagnating Java job.
  • Getting your first Java job with good technical, job hunting, and resume writing skills and much needed interview preparation.

The examples are not "Hello world" type, but more industrial strength. You can search for wide range of topics like Spring, Hibernate, JSF, JasperReports, JMeter, Spring batch, Spring security, JAXB, Drools, JavaScript, Angular JS, and many more.

Are you a Java developer?

  • If you are an interviewer, use these Java career training resources to hire quality candidates.
  • If you are an interviewee, use these Java career training resources to standout from your competition.
  • If you are on a regular job use these Java career training resources as a quick reference to get your job done.
  • If you are feeling stagnated, you can use these Java career training resources to get your regular technical doses to enhance your skills or stay relevant.

This Java/JEE career companion site is to breed confidence and help you take the road less traveled by presenting yourself in a better light compared to those who are more qualified than you are through preparation and being in the know how.  Here are some of the feedback.

"I used the book to get 6 jobs in 2 weeks. out of which one is an architect job. kudos to the author"

"If a person manages to give answers as given in book, he/she can easily bag a new job..."

"After landing a job I have kept on reading the book and recommend it to all my friends..."

The paid and free resources from this site covers a wide range of topics like Java/JEE core concepts, 16 must know technical key areas, resume writing, interview preparation, networking, and job hunting. The answers are detailed enough for you to not only talk the talk, but also to walk the walk.

Not for you to memorize the answers prior to job interviews for a short term success, but for you to brush up on vast number of Java topics at one place prior to job interviews or for you to fast track your Java career by proactively acquiring the much needed experience with lots of code, practical examples -- no "Hello World" examples :) , diagrams, and industrial scenarios covered here for a more permanent and long term success.

How do you benefit with Java Interview Questions?

  • Reach your career goals a lot sooner by convincing your prospective employer to overlook just the number of years of experience you have with your thorough and detailed job interview answers. 
  • Increase your earning potential with multiple job offers or by becoming a freelance contractor/consultant.
  • Impress your code reviewers with quality design and code.
  • Add value in the crisis and team meetings with your know hows and quick brush up on a particular topic like identifying thread-safety or performance issues. 
  • Expand your horizons and go places with the confidence that you can get a Java job even in a difficult job market with your resume writing skills, technical know hows, interviewing skills, networking, and job hunting skills.
  • The questions and answers approach gives a different perspective to acquire and clarify the fundamentals.  

More of your Java career related questions like
  • Should I get certified?
  • How to get a break in Java?
  • What are the 16 technical key areas?
  • What gives me the real job security?
answered @ Why prepare with these resources?

As a Java developer, you hold the key to your Java career success

Even though the “devil is in the details”, your career success in Java development depends on your “abstract thinking” and how well you communicate that thinking. Diagrams and working code will clarify many concepts and key areas to proactively acquire much needed experience to fast track your Java career. It worked for me, and hope will do for you as well.

There is no substitute for hands on experience, so take the time to practice the code. If the code or explanation is not clear, post your concerns via comments. I will endeavor to improve on the explanation. There is no such thing as real job security in IT, the real security in IT is all about having the right skills and experience.

You hold the key to your Java career success, and hope my Java career training resources will help you reach your career goals a lot sooner.


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