May 9, 2007

Java/J2EE CV or Resume tips

A CV or a Resume is an essential marketing tool in your job search or career progression. When writing a CV look at it from your employers' point of view in order to stand out against the competition (i.e. other candidates). Preparing effective CV presents a real challenge due to length, which can make them boring and result in important information being buried or lost in a long document. As a result your CV should be concise, your top skills and experience should be prioritized in the first or upper most section of your CV, well organized with the following sections: Profile, Achievements, Experience & Skills and last but not least your CV should be nicely formatted. Refer sample Java/J2EE Resume PDF download.

Profile: Convey your technical expertise in Java/J2EE . Don't list all the skills here (you can include the rest in the skills section).Just pick your major strengths like design experience, team lead experience, mentoring experience etc and highly sought after and relevant experience like Spring, Hibernate, EJB, JSF etc. Also can mention the relevant industry experience like finance, insurance, telecommunications, software house etc.

  • 4 years of experience in design/development of Java/J2EE (Sockets, EJB, RMI,Servlets, JSP,JMS,JDBC,JNDI etc) based systems.
  • 3 year experience in financial sector and 1 year in insurance sector.
  • 2 year working experience and excellent knowledge in Spring, Hibernate and JSF.
  • Experience in Websphere, MQSeries, and JBoss
  • Solid background in Object-Oriented analysis and design.Good at various design patterns (GoF, J2EE patterns etc) and UML.
  • Excellent knowledge of XML, SQL, XSL and Web Service.
  • Experience in Test Drive Development (TDD) and agile methodology.

Convey your achievements in Java/J2EE, which had benefited the application, department or organization. In addition to technical skills bring your personal qualities like passion, ability to communicate effectively with technical staff as well as business users (i.e non-technical), problem solving skills, ability to think in high level as well as drill down to detail, ability to handle pressure, ability to recognize and respond to objectives of an organization, ability to work in a team as well as independently etc. You can also mention your teams' achievements in addition to your specific contribution.

  • Migrated a poorly performing and outdated application to Spring, Hibernate, JMS and JSF based system for MQR Banking Ltd.
  • Identified and fixed performance and transactional issues for Fine Australia Technology.
  • Reduced the monthly commission Java based batch runs from 75 hours to 18 hours at Sure Insurance Corporation .
  • Mentored junior developers, provided technical guidance and motivated them to meet the tight deadlines at Online Banking Ltd.

List your current and previous posts (Most recent first) and how you applied some of the major strengths and highly sought after skills in Java/J2EE. List all the major projects you have worked on and your specific contribution. Also mention where you applied some of the key areas like design, fixing performance issues, concurrency issues, transactional issues, memory leaks etc. Also be aware not to turn this section into only technical stuff. In addition to technical areas mention any team lead experience or mentoring junior developers, how you managed to meet a tight deadline?, how you worked well with the business users? how well you applied your knowledge? etc.

IT Skills: List all your current & relevant Java/J2EE related skills. This section is not only vital for the employer but also for the employment agency to match your skills with the employer requirements.

Finally never settle with the first draft and always find ways to keep improving your CV. Spending enough time in your key marketing tool is definitely worth it.

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